Talad Rot Fai Night Market, Thai-Hipster Central

How to get there

If you are visiting Bangkok and want something fun to do on the weekend, check out the Talad Rot Fai Night Market. Easily one of the coolest markets in Thailand this vintage-themed market has a great selection of food, live music, oddities, antiques, apparel, and collectibles. Located next to Seacon Square shopping center on Srinagarindra Road, the market is easy to get to if you are staying close to the skytrain. Simply make your way to Udom Suk station than catch a taxi or motorbike-taxi to the market. My preference is to take a motorbike-taxi as they are quick, cheap and can get you there the fastest. I believe the cost from Udom Suk station is between 60-100 baht.

This market is massive so be sure to make note of which direction you are walking as it’s easy to get lost. From the front entrance, there is a wooden ship statue which is the first thing you see from the street. From there you will find the entrance that leads you down a long hallway full of cool places. Restaurants, bars with live music, barbers, salons, and merchants selling their wares are all here. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of this super long corridor, there is a Ganesh Shrine (no picture provided) which you will see on your right-hand side. If you can remember where this is, you can find your way to the ship statue where motorbike-taxis are parked waiting to take you back to Udom Suk Station.

From the Ganesh Shrine, you will find the food area which is packed full of dinner, drinks, snacks, and dessert stalls. If you don’t walk out of here a couple pant-sizes larger I will be very surprised. My advice is “hey, your on vacation” eat what you want. The only word of caution is that you will likely see many things throughout the market that you would like to consume so its best to start slowly. I like to start with a smoothie and a snack to settle my hunger while I’m exploring.

What to expect

Scattered throughout the market there are live bands and funky little bars where you can sit and really experience this Thai-Hipster culture. Thai people love music and its pretty cool to chill in their environment listening to some Thai jams. You may get lucky and find a Thai band playing a bit of western music. Have a cold Singha, Chang or Leo beer and relax while you are getting ready to storm the vintage market stalls.

Centered in this market are stalls of merchants selling everything from clothing to electronics. If you look hard enough you may find a cool Hawaiian shirt to wear on the beach. Look even harder and you could possibly find a matching iPhone case to go with it. This market seems to have a slightly different selection than other markets in Bangkok. Mostly because of its vintage theme.

The last area of this market is the vintage section. Here you will find rows of dealers selling antiques from all over the world. Droves of Thai’s come here to find retro apparel, jackets, jeans, shoes, etc. I just love seeing a Thai-Hipster sleeved in tattoos with an Elvis pompadour and dressed like a 50’s greaser. Style is everything in this area and the gals are very much into it as well. While snooping around you can take selfies in front of the old hotrods, motorcycles, and even a helicopter.

This night market is definitely a must-see if you have a couple of nights to spare in Bangkok.



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Simply put, I love Thailand. I have traveled to Thailand upwards of 20 times and continue to explore new places on each trip. From Chiang Mai to Phuket and Udon Thani to Kanchanaburi, I've been all over. When traveling abroad I like to learn the history and culture of each place I visit. My grasp of the Thai language is basic but each time I visit my vocabulary grows.